Disaster Restoration: What Can I Expect?

Clean air ducts and healthy air quality after a disaster

After a disaster strikes, whether it is a flood, fire or a major in-home plumbing issue, the last thing you usually think about is cleaning your air ducts, however, it is one of the most important parts of getting your home or business back to normal. During an emergency the HVAC system can be contaminated from smoke, water, mold or debris and can continue to cause problems long after the water or smoke has been cleaned up. Fortunately, Clean Air Systems can help.

We can work with you or your restoration company to take care of your HVAC equipment and air duct system after a disaster, large or small. Breathing in toxic chemicals and mold left behind after a disaster can be harmful to your health, even if the rest of your house is cleaned up and reconstructed.

For fire or smoke damage, we work to get the smoke and odor out of your air ducts and HVAC system. After major floods or in-home plumbing disasters, our NADCA certified team comes in to make sure the water and mold are cleaned out of your HVAC system so your family or employees are not breathing in harmful mold spores. This removal process involves various steps and equipment such as vacuums, power brushes, sanitizing and deodorizing agents that can reach the throughout the system.

While it may it may be overwhelming at first, we work with you to ensure that your air ducts and HVAC system are professionally and thoroughly cleaned after a disaster so you can be back in a clean and healthy home or business in no time.

Want to know more about what our process looks like? Check out what Clean Air Systems can do for you.


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