Why should I get my air ducts cleaned?

To improve the indoor air quality of the air you breathe. We will use a process called source removal. During this process we will agitate the particulate (such as dust, dirt and debris) inside your air ducts and we will capture it with portable HEPA filtered vacuums or with truck-mounted vacuum equipment.

How often should I have someone clean my air ducts?

At Clean Air Systems we follow an ethics code set out by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Their belief is that you can’t put a timeline on how often the cleaning should be done. Each home is different and each family has a different lifestyle, both of which affect how often you should have your air ducts cleaned. You don’t go years between vacuuming the carpet on the floors in your home so you shouldn’t go too long in between cleaning your air ducts. For best results, your air ducts can be cleaned every three years; however, asthma and allergy sufferers may want to get their air ducts cleaned more frequently.

What is the NADCA?

NADCA is an association made up of contractors, manufacturers and suppliers involved in cleaning and restoring HVAC systems. NADCA sets the standards for performance and procedural requirements, provides training, testing and continuing education for members of our industry. Clean Air Systems is certified by and is a member of the NADCA, so you know you’re getting service from professionals with the highest level of training possible.

Why is an NADCA certification important in cleaning my air ducts?

By getting an NADCA certification, Clean Air Systems continues the education and training of the staff so you know you’re getting the highest level of expertise and experience possible.

What if I have a funny smell in my house that won’t go away, will air duct cleaning help?

Odors can be a tough problem to solve. At Clean Air Systems, we look first for the source of the odor. Equipment malfunction, mold, sewers and dead animals are all common odor sources that we see. Once the source is determined, cleaning and sanitizing will normally eliminate the odor.

How long will it take to clean my house’s air ducts?

This will depend on the size and the age of the home. Some of the variables are the air duct system design, square footage, the number of stories in the home and the number of furnaces. Most homes are finished in the span of either a morning or an afternoon.

What kinds of things are hiding in my air ducts?

Dust, dirt, pollen, mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses, mites, micro-organisms, pet dander, spores and mildew. Not exactly the kinds of things you want to breathing in during the time you spend indoors.

Will my house be dirty after my air ducts are cleaned?

At Clean Air Systems, the process we use to clean your HVAC system and air ducts is clean and efficient. We even set air scrubbers with HEPA filters that will catch any extra particles that are too small for the human eye to see, which can be released during the cleaning process, so your air quality isn’t affected. Our team will make every effort to keep your home as clean as possible during the process.

Why is it important to have my air ducts cleaned and maintained?

Even though you can’t see it, your air quality affects more than you think. Dirty ducts can cause a whole host of health and cleanliness issues. They can also increase your energy bills and decrease the amount of air flow and circulation that your home or office is able to get.

What are the benefits of having my air ducts cleaned?

Increased air flow, cleaner air, lower heating and cooling bills, a cleaner house and healthier air for your family. Asthma and allergy sufferers and houses with seniors or young children may see the most obvious benefits.

What health problems can improve with air duct cleaning?

Any respiratory conditions that are aggravated by poor indoor air quality or allergens can improve with cleaner air. People with existing health problems can have a hard time getting healthy with air circulation problems, so cleaning your air ducts may help decrease the number of days employees miss due to illness or the number of health issues you have in your family.

Is it expensive to have my air ducts cleaned?

In order to properly maintain your HVAC and air duct systems, you commit to an upfront cost. However, at Clean Air Systems we want to provide you with a fair, honest quote up front that’s competitive. No scams, no bait and switch, no “special deals,” just the price that’s going to get you the best service we can provide.

Will I need to supervise the air duct cleaning?

This is a personal decision. After almost 25 years in business, our customers know that they can trust us to do a good job whether they are present during the cleaning process or not. Regardless of whether you are there or not, we will do everything in our power to keep communication open and make sure you’re updated throughout the cleaning process. We just need to know where the furnace and air conditioning unit it are, we will get started on the project and be on our way.

Does dirty air ducts mean higher energy bills?

It can, dirty duct work can reduce air flow and heat transfer for your cooling coil and secondary heat exchanger in the furnace. Thus causing your furnace or air conditioner to run longer, driving up your energy costs. Cleaning out your air ducts can reduce this problem.

What components are there to my air ducts and which parts need to be cleaned?

The entire duct system, blower or fan, burner vestibule and controls area.  Additional work that can be done while on site, include cleaning the indoor coil and dryer exhaust vent.


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