Health and Air Quality

So you’ve got dirty air ducts…What problems are you facing?

Indoor air pollution at home or work can be never ending. The endless dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing doesn’t seem to help because air from contaminated air ducts continuously recirculates.The ideal breeding ground for bacteria, molds, fungi, spore, mites and other harmful allergens is found in the dusty, dark, damp climate of the heating and cooling air duct system.

An unhealthy mixture of contaminated air gets a free ride to every room or office each time the air blower is activated. In the winter or summer months where the extreme Iowa weather causes air conditioning and furnace units to constantly run, think about how often that contaminated air recirculates.

Our solution for you

Removing and controlling contaminants from air duct systems is one of the best ways to correct indoor air pollution for family members and employees.

We use a combination of compressed air and a powerful vacuum to remove contaminants from the air duct system. To prevent the growth of microorganisms, we can apply an antimicrobial treatment right to your ducts. Clean Air Systems also offers high-efficiency air filters and air cleaners that are more effective than the standard disposable filter. Our experience in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and energy management makes our team uniquely qualified in this field.

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